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Ordinary Magic is as teaching weekend on Saturday 20th – Friday 26th July led by AHS Teachers Katie Morrow and Pema Ozer, on the Five Elements – followed by an optional 5 day retreat, and the wonderful glamping site of New Inn at Brilley, Herefordshire.

For full details and how to book visit – http://ahs.org.uk/ordinary-magic

Everything which manifests is composed of the five elements–space, water, earth, fire and air–which are inherent qualities of the true nature of mind. This includes our everyday experiences of the land, lakes, wind and sky, but also more subtle aspects of our being–our senses and the qualities of our experience. Join us as we explore the full spectrum of the elements–the rich solidity of earth, the refreshing clarity of water, the dancing heat of fire, the bracing vitality of the air and ever-yielding space.

The weekend will begin with an overview and, for those who wish to explore each element in more depth, we will continue for a five-day retreat. We are delighted to be hosted at Brilley with wonderful glamping accommodation to suit all budgets, where we will have an opportunity to practice in the presence of a stupa that is a twin to the one at the Hermitage. The stupa itself can be seen as a symbolic representation of the elements, and will form an important support for our practice. We hope the retreat will provide an opportunity for making a personal connection with each of the great elements–the mahabhuta.


Living The Awakened Heart

Living the Awakened Heart
Awakened Heart Sangha Teaching Weekend
Pema Ozer and Katie Morrow
Friday 27th July to Sunday 29th July 2018
The Cherwell Centre, Oxford

This weekend will aim to give a clear sense of the whole territory of the ‘Living the Awakened Heart training’ – the comprehensive, experiential and structured training in Buddhist meditation, reflection and insight – of each area and how they interconnect.

Come and explore with AHS teachers Katie and Pema, the map of the territory of this program. They will endeavour to explore it in experiential and reflective ways, hoping it comes alive for each of us and lights up the next steps of our path, meeting each student where they currently are – providing opportunity for reflection and discovery of what is true and alive in each of our own experience.

There are only 25 places available for the weekend, which is suitable for newcomers. For more information visit the event page here or to make a booking, fill in the booking form here.

Malvern Teaching: The Three Mysteries

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Worcestershire

On Saturday 17th March Awakened Heart Sangha teacher Pema came all the way from her home in North Wales to Malvern, Worcestershire to give a teaching organised by Sangha members, which many local AHS members attended, others from farther afield, as well as other Dharma practitioners from another lineage.

The teaching was called The Three Mysteries: Body, Speech and Mind and Pema used a  supplication to Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) as the basis for the teaching. The prayer can be sung, which is something our sangha is known for, thanks to our Tibetan Buddhist lineage connection to the famous singing yogin Milarepa, and Lama Shenpen‘s teacher Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, another yogin linked to Milarepa because of his profound extemporaneous songs. You can find the prayer and a recording at the bottom of the page HERE.

Tibetan Buddhism Worcestershire
Pema teaching on the supplication to Guru Rinpoche at Elmslie House, Worcestershire

Pema taught us about the connection between our ordinary body, speech and mind and the Buddha body, speech and mind, the three kayas.

We looked at the interface or ‘play’ between our unenlightened and enlightened aspects and that by exploring and understanding our ordinary experience, we gain greater insight and confidence in our Buddhanature.

We listened, sang, meditated, reflected and discussed the subject throughout the day. It’s such a profound topic with so many layers, it gave us all lots of different areas to reflect on and practise with.

Elmslie House in Malvern was a wonderful venue with a nice atmosphere and a lovely bright teaching room.

Thank you to the organisers and to Pema for such an inspiring day!