2020 Update

Our group moved online during lockdown and has continued to hold weekly sessions for existing sangha members, where we have created a supportive space for shared presence, experience and practice. We are also working through the course books of the Living the Awakened Heart training, the core training in Buddhist meditation, reflection and insight in the Awakened Heart Sangha.

The training and practice and the sangha community has been enormously helpful during the uncertainty of the Corona Virus pandemic.

To find out more about the training and what the AHS offers visit www.ahs.org.uk

Winter Break & Events


Our weekly meditation meetings in Worcester will take a break for Christmas and New Year, returning on Wednesday 9th January. Where we will continue to meditate and discuss the Living the Awakened Heart Training course books.

There are some upcoming AHS event dates in nearby Birmingham that are open to all:

AHS Teacher Pema is teaching on the ‘Importance of Faith and Confidence in Meditation’ on Sunday 10th February – full details here.

Lama Shenpen is teaching on practicing Dharma in everyday life at a retreat weekend in March from 22nd to 24th – full details and online booking here.

If you are interested in joining our weekly Worcester group, find out about signing up to the Living the Awakened Heart Training and more details on the distance, supported learning course in Buddhist meditation, reflection and insight, here.

Summer Break & Diary Dates

Tibetan Buddhism Worcestershire

We’re now on our Summer break, our weekly AHS group meditation and discussion sessions will resume in September.

There are some upcoming events for your diary:

The annual Discovering the Heart of Buddhism Retreat starting on 4th August, that can be joined online from your home. Find out more here.

AHS teacher Dashu teaching mindfulness of body and breath in Birmingham on Saturday 3rd November. Full details here.


Discovering the Chitta


“Play with that edge between a sense of heart and a sense of mind-space…’ – a quote from Lama Shenpen about how to relate to the ‘chitta‘ – the heart-mind in Buddhism.

The quote is from the Indestructible Heart Essence book, from the ‘Discovering the Heart of Buddhism’ course, part of Lama Shenpen’s Living the Awakened Heart Training, which we’re all studying.

At our weekly Tibetan Buddhist meditation, study and discussion group last night in Worcester, we were learning about the Chitta and how we in the West tend to separate our heart from our mind, which can lead to different and misinterpretations to Buddhist texts and practice.

In the short video below Lama talks about the importance of understanding the correct translation of Chitta and how it effects our understanding and practice and relates to letting go of attachments that lead to suffering:

For more information on the training in Buddhist meditation and insight, visit www.ahs.org.uk/training

A Feast & Christmas Break

Tibetan Buddhist Christmas Feast

We had a small feast offering for our last weekly session in Worcester before our Christmas break. Feast practice is a traditional Buddhist activity and in the Awakened Heart Sangha, a feast is held on every full moon by committed students, as well as at the end of retreats etc.

Our festive feast celebrated the end of another year of practising together and the start of the festive period and our break for Christmas.

We’ll be returning to our weekly sessions in January 2018. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

How to Meditate

learn to meditate in worcester worcestershireThere’s a new website from the Awakened Heart Sangha which is a great introduction to the type of Formless Meditation we do.

The new website – www.howtomeditate.org.uk – contains lots of helpful information about how to meditate, meditation postures, taking meditation deeper and the importance of finding a good teacher or mentor to guide you. There are also some guided mindful meditations and introductory videos. Please take a look!

Formless Meditation is the cornerstone of our practice. The Living the Awakened Heart Training, the distance study course in Buddhist meditation, reflection and insight from the AHS, starts with the Heart of Meditation course which gives a foundation in Formless Meditation. Find out more HERE.

Meditation Morning

learn to meditate in Worcester

We’re holding an open meditation morning on Saturday 19th August at our usual location, upstairs at the Friends Meeting House, Sansome Place in Worcester, 10am to 1pm.

We’ll be practicing our Formless Meditation, both sitting and walking. There will be a break for tea and biscuits at around 11.30am.

We’ve put a value on the morning of £15. As always, if this isn’t possible for you, please offer what you feel you can.

We will provide meditation cushions and mats and there is the option to sit on chairs.

To book your place please Contact Us.

Summer Break Feast

Tibetan Buddhist meditation Worcester
Tibetan Buddhist Shrine & Feast Offering at our meditation room in Worcester

Last night was our last group meditation session in Worcester before our Summer break. We decided to mark the occasion with a feast offering: a Tibetan Buddhist practice where food is offered to the shrine and then we serve each other and then eat the blessed food!

We’ll be back on Wednesday the 6th September. Wishing everyone a happy Summer.