The Awakened Heart Sangha Worcestershire is one of many AHS groups around the country. We have a network of local groups around the UK, some are open meditation groups and some are study groups for Sangha members.

The Awakened Heart Sangha is an international Sangha made up of a community of students of Lama Shenpen Hookham. We have a network of local groups around the UK, some are open meditation groups, some are study groups for Sangha members.

Here you’ll find links to all our websites, social media and local groups.

The Awakened Heart Sangha – the main website for the Sangha and information on the Living the Awakened Heart Training and how to join. This is a temporary site while our new website is currently being built. – The Hermitage of The Awakened Heart is a retreat centre, the hub of practice for sangha and Lama Shenpen’s residence.  – a resource site about the type of ‘Formless Meditation’ we practise, how to meditate, audio guides and finding a teacher and mentor. – we have a free archive of recorded teachings by Lama Shenpen on our YouTube channel.

Find us on Social Media – the main Facebook page for the Awakened Heart Sangha news, events etc 
– news, events and daily life from The Hermitage retreat centre in North Wales– AHS on Twitter– AHS on Instagram

Buddha Within

Buddha Within connects a wider audience to the teachings of Lama Shenpen. Archive teaching videos, new teachings and articles are posted regularly as well as answers to students’ questions. Join the mailing list and receive weekly teachings from Lama Shenpen and links to new features on the website direct to your inbox.

Awakened Heart Sangha – UK Local Groups

Most of our local groups have their own website with details of meditation or study groups, events and other activities. Visit their webpages for more details and contact them directly about joining. Where there isn’t a website it links to an email address for you to make an enquiry.


Buddhist meditation and Dharma teaching in Brighton
Weekly Buddhist meditation classes in Liverpool
Contact Mike about Buddhist meditation sessions in Oxford
Contact Steph for information about meditation in Southend
Buddhist meditation for sangha members in Surrey
Meetings for meditation and discussion in Tunbridge Wells


The North Wales local group is based at the our main hub and retreat centre The Hermitage of the Awakened Heart near Criccieth.

Weekly Buddhist Meditation classes and courses in Bridgend

Dharma teachings and Buddhist meditation in Monmouth – contact Five